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In progress

  • Tao F, Huang Y, Hungate BA, Manzoni S, Frey SD, Schmidt MWI, Reichstein M, Carvalhais N, Ciais P, Jiang L, Lehmann J, Mishra U, Hugelius G, Hocking TD, Lu X, Shi Z, Viatkin K, Vargas R, Yigini Y, Omuto C, Malik AA, Peralta G, Cuevas-Corona R, Di Paolo LE, Luotto I, Liao C, Liang YS, Saynes VS, Huang X, Luo Y. Microbial carbon use efficiency promoting global soil carbon storage. Under review in Nature.
  • Why does functional pruning yield such fast algorithms for optimal changepoint detection? Invited talk for TRIPODS seminar video, slides, IEEE NJACS, ASU West ML Day.
  • Hocking TD. Chapter “Introduction to machine learning and neural networks” for book “Land Carbon Cycle Modeling: Matrix Approach, Data Assimilation, and Ecological Forecasting” edited by Luo Y, in preparation (expected publication Jan 2022), Reproducible.
  • Runge V, Hocking TD, Romano G, Afghah F, Fearnhead P, Rigaill G. gfpop: an R Package for Univariate Graph-Constrained Change-point Detection. Under review at Journal of Statistical Software, Preprint arXiv:2002.03646, Software (gfpop), Software (gfpopgui), Reproducible.
  • Venuto D, Hocking TD, Spanurattana S, Sugiyama M. Support vector comparison machines. Preprint arXiv:1401.8008. Under review at Machine Learning, Software, Reproducible.
  • Mihaljevic JR, Borkovec S, Ratnavale S, Hocking TD, Banister KE, Eppinger JE, Hepp CM, Doerry E. Rapid simulations of spatially explicit and stochastic models of infectious disease. Preprint medRxiv. Under review at Biology Methods & Protocols, Software.
  • Hillman J, Hocking TD. Optimizing ROC Curves with a Sort-Based Surrogate Loss Function for Binary Classification and Changepoint Detection. Under review at Journal of Machine Learning Research, Preprint arXiv:2107.01285, Software, Reproducible.
  • Hocking TD and Killick R. Changepoint detection algorithms and applications in R. Textbook in preparation.
  • Hocking TD. A breakpoint detection error function for segmentation model selection and validation. Preprint arXiv:1509.00368, Software, Reproducible.
  • Hocking TD, Khare A. Learning penalty functions for changepoint detection using elastic-net regularized accelerated failure time models. In preparation, Software, Reproducible.

Accepted, in press




  • Fotoohinasab A, Hocking TD, Afghah F. A Graph-Constrained Changepoint Learning Approach for Automatic QRS-Complex Detection. Paper in proceedings of Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers (2020), Preprint arXiv:2004.13558.
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  • Hocking TD, Bourque G. Machine Learning Algorithms for Simultaneous Supervised Detection of Peaks in Multiple Samples and Cell Types. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (2020) 25:367-378, PDF, Software.


  • Hocking TD. Comparing namedCapture with other R packages for regular expressions. R Journal (2019), doi:10.32614/RJ-2019-050 Software, Reproducible.
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  • The animint2 manual, online “book” with multiple chapters, Reproducible.
  • Understanding and Creating Interactive Graphics. Hocking TD, Ekstrøm CT. useR2016 conference tutorial, Reproducible.


  • Hocking TD, Rigaill G, Bourque G. PeakSeg: constrained optimal segmentation and supervised penalty learning for peak detection in count data. International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2015. PMLR, video, Software, Reproducible.
  • Hocking TD, Bourque G. PeakSegJoint: fast supervised peak detection via joint segmentation of multiple count data samples. Preprint arXiv:1506.01286, Software, Reproducible.
  • Animint: Interactive Web-Based Animations Using Ggplot2’s Grammar of Graphics. VanderPlas SR and Sievert C and Hocking TD. Presentation at JSM2015.


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