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Machine learning research profile

Short bio: born in California (1984), Bachelors at UC Berkeley (2006), PhD in Paris (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan 2012), Postdoc at Tokyo Tech (2013). Since 2014 I have been working on new machine learning models for genomic data, as a post-doctoral researcher with Guillaume Bourque at the genome center of McGill University in Montreal.

Research topics: fast and accurate algorithms for convex optimization (clustering, regression, ranking, classification) and discrete optimization (changepoint detection, dynamic programming). The main application domain for the algorithms I develop are in genomic data analysis (DNA copy number, ChIP-seq, etc). For more info, see my Google scholar profile and my list of reproducible papers with accompanying source code.

Free/open-source software: I have written several free/open-source R/Python/C/C++/JavaScript packages, available on GitHub, R-Forge, PyPI, and CRAN. I have been helping as co-administrator and mentor in the R project's participation in Google Summer of Code since 2012.

Machine learning and data visualization consulting services

I am passionate about analysis, predictive modeling, and visualization of big data. I am available for hire as a consultant for:

To schedule a free first meeting to estimate my fees for your project, please contact me via email with:

  • a list of times you would be available to meet (Skype, Google Hangout, or face-to-face in Montreal), and
  • a description of your project.

Services de consultation pour l'apprentissage artificiel et la visualisation de données

Je suis passionné par l'analyse, la modélisation prédictive, et la visualisation des grands jeux de données. Je suis disponible pour travailler en :

SVP prendre rendez-vous par courriel pour discuter mes frais de consultation sur votre projet. N'oubliez pas de m'écrire :

  • vos disponibilités (par Skype, Google Hangout, ou en personne à Montréal), et
  • un résumé de votre projet.

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