Programming by Toby Dylan Hocking, PhD

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Programming consulting services

I am an expert programmer of R packages and Python modules for analyzing big data sets.

I am available for hire as a consultant for:

  • Programming new R packages or Python modules (including C/C++ code). Send me a description of what you want the code to do, and I will write the program for you (along with test cases and documentation).
  • Re-writing existing packages to minimize execution time and memory usage. Is your existing code too slow or too memory-intensive for your big data sets? Send me your code and I will use benchmarking tools to find the bottlenecks, then re-write the parts necessary to get the performance you need.
  • Teaching you how to write optimized code (R, Python, C, C++, regular expressions). Explain to me what kinds of problems you would like to solve, and I will create a custom seminar for your particular needs. List of previous teaching about programming for data analysis.

Progamming software products

I have written several free/open-source software packages for programming with data.

  • I wrote the C code that interfaces R with the Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions library, and permits named capture regular expressions (patch). My code has been distributed with every copy of R since version 2.14 in 2011.
  • namedCapture is an R package which provides a convenient output format for data extracted using a named capture regular expression.
  • I designed and wrote the part of the plotly package which converts a ggplot (an R object) to a JSON file for upload to the server.
  • memtime can be used for memory benchmarking R code.
  • I wrote the str.extractall method for named capture regular expressions in pandas (PR).
  • requireGitHub can be used to record and install any version of any R package on GitHub, thus facilitating reproducible computations.
  • revector is an R package with C code for vectors of regular expressions.
  • inlinedocs makes it easy to maintain R package documentation, by converting comments in R code to documentation files (Rd).

I am available for hire for teaching you about these software packages.

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