Machine learning by Toby Dylan Hocking, PhD

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Machine learning consulting services

I am an expert in designing and implementing machine learning models for recognizing and predicting patterns in big data sets. I have published several academic papers at the major machine learning conferences (CV).

I am available for hire as a consultant for:

  • Designing new machine learning models for your data. Send me your data set along with a description of what you are trying to predict, and I will design a model and write custom code for you.
  • Teaching you how to use free/open-source software for machine learning (R/Python/C/C++). Explain to me what kinds of machine learning models and/or software tools you would like to use, and I will create a custom seminar for your particular needs. List of previous teaching about machine learning.

Machine learning software products

I have written several free/open-source software packages for machine learning.

  • clusterpath implements an algorithm for unsupervised hierarchical clustering (R package with C++ code).
  • rankSVMcompare implements a supervised learning algorithm for ranking and comparing objects, based on labeled preference pairs (R package).
  • WeightedROC can compute a ROC curve for a weighted binary classification problem (R package).
  • PeakSegJoint implements convex and discrete optimization algorithms for supervised peak detection (R package with C code).
  • coseg implements linear time algorithms for constrained optimal segmentation (R package with C++ code).

I am available for hire for teaching you about these software packages.

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