Data visualization by Toby Dylan Hocking, PhD

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Data visualization consulting services

I am an expert in designing interactive and animated graphics that reveal patterns in big data sets. For example, based on data from the World Bank, I designed a data visualization that shows how life expectancy and fertility rates of countries changed between 1960-2010. Interactive features can be used to highlight and browse different regions, countries, and years.


I am available for hire as a consultant for:

  • Designing custom visualizations for your big data sets. Send me your data set and I will write custom code that produces an informative visualization.
  • Teaching you how to use free/open-source software for data visualization (R+ggplot2+animint, JavaScript+D3). Explain to me what kinds of data visualizations you would like to make, and I will create a custom seminar tailored to your particular needs. List of previous teaching about data visualization.

Data visualization software products

I have written several free/open-source software packages for data visualization.

  • Automatic legends in modern plotting packages like ggplot2 can sometimes be confusing. The directlabels R package makes it easy to replace confusing legends with direct labels.
  • animint makes it easy to design complex interactive data visualizations, by adding the clickSelects and showSelected keywords to the grammar of graphics (R+JavaScript code).
  • I designed and implemented the original ggplotly functionality (convert ggplots in R to plotly interactive web graphics) for the plotly R package.

I am available for hire for teaching you about these software packages.

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